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Tel Aviv - Part 2, Founding and Early Years

Tel Aviv was founded just over 111 years ago in April of 1909. Part 1 of my Blog discussed what led up to its founding, as a separate entity from nearby Jaffa. The actual founding of the city was done in a very unique way – it involved seashells! On the beach 66 families had their names written on white seashells and a plot number on grey seashells. The shells were picked out of two bags and that’s how the first residents received their plots of land. The original name of the city was Ahuzat Bayit which roughly translates to Homestead. Not the easiest name to pronounce. About a year later the town’s name was changed to Tel Aviv. Why was this name chosen? Theodore Herzl, the father of modern

בקרוב יהיו כאן פוסטים ששווה לחכות להם!
שווה להמשיך ולעקוב...
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