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For Architecture Lovers, Tel Aviv Has It All

Many people don’t know this but the city of Tel Aviv is a UNESCO Heritage Site due to the many Bauhaus buildings found here. Bauhaus architecture was “imported” in the 1930’s from Germany with the influx architects fleeing the Nazi regime. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The story of Tel Aviv and its amazing architecture starts way before the 1930s. Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 when 66 Jewish families got together on sand dunes north of Jaffa to divide plots of land by lottery using seashells. The first homes were one story affairs. The homes were built on Herzl Street, Rothschild Street and the surrounding area. Some of these homes have survived and can be seen today. Public buildings were

בקרוב יהיו כאן פוסטים ששווה לחכות להם!
שווה להמשיך ולעקוב...
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