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Let's keep touring, there's just so much to see! Below are a number of ideas for daily tours.

Between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

* Har Adar, Radar Hill-Memorial to the Harel Brigade, what was lost in '48 was won in '67.

* Itri Ruins-A Second Temple era Jewish village in the heart of Judea. 

* Beit Guvrin-This place has it all, burial caves, giant bell caves, Roman amphitheater, crusader church and more.

* Khan Sha'ar Hagai- A newly opened site detailing the convoys to besieged Jerusalem during the War of Independence.

Around Jerusalem

* Nebi Samuel-The tomb of the Prophet Samuel (or not). The site was important from Hasmonean times until today.

* Gush Etzion Museum-Discover how the area was lost just as independence was declared, and won back in '67.

* Herodian-See King Herod's fortress he built to impress and entertain his guests as well as the site for his final resting place.

* 9/11 Memorial-The only 9/11 memorial outside the US with each victim's name memorialized. 

* Scrolls of Fire Memorial-The monument commemorates Jewish history from the Holocaust until Israel's independence.

* Castel-Site of one of the key battles along the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway during the War of Independence.

Along the Central Coast

* Nahal Alexander-Home to large softshelled turtles. Hike from Turtle Bridge to Alexander Beach. 

* Caesarea-Vast ancient port city built by Herod the Great. See the theater, hippodrome, bath houses and much more.

* Nahal Taninim-See the Roman dams, aqueduct and brick factory by a stream where crocodiles once roamed.


Rehovot Area 

* The Bullet Factory-See how the Haganah underground made ammunition under the noses of the British army.

* Weizmann Institute Visitor Center-See what this science institute is working on in a clever interactive exhibition.

* Weizmann House-Our first president left his huge villa to the state. Tour the house, the grounds and Weizmann's grave.

Jezreel Valley Sites 1

* Megiddo-A UNESCO World Heritage site with over 3000 years of history to explore.

* Ein Harod-National Park where Gideon fought the Midianites. 

* Beit Alfa-Well preserved synagogue with its amazing mosaics from the Byzantine period.

Jezreel Valley Sites 2

* Tzipori-Well preserved remains of a Jewish/Roman/Christian city with amazing mosaics and synagogue.

* Beit She'arim-City of the Dead, where a Jewish necropolis existed from the 2nd to the 5th century CE. 


Jezreel Valley Sites 3

* Old Gesher-Learn about the country's first electricity station and the incredible story of the nearby kibbutz.

* Beit Shean-Another archeological wonder. There are many well preserved Roman structures to explore.

* Belvoir-A unique Crusader fortress overlooking the Jordan Valley.

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