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Let me show you around the interesting Haifa area with its Baha'i gardens, German colony, Crusader Acre, prehistoric caves, wildlife sanctuary and other sites you won't want to miss. Below are three suggested day tours.


* Baha'i Gardens, Shrine and Visitor Center-Tomb of one of the faith's founders, surrounded by exquisite gardens.

* German Colony-See the German Templar homes, some dating as far back as 1868.

* Stella Maris-French Carmelite Church with monument to Napoleon's army and path to Elijah's cave.

* Louis Promenade-Experience the fantastic views of Haifa city and port from this Carmel Mountain walkway.

* Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum-Learn about the struggles of the illegal immigration during British rule.

Acre (Akko)

* Underground Prisoners Museum-See where Jabotinsky was imprisoned in the 1920s, hear about the famous breakout.

* Crusader City-Explore the incredibly well preserved fortress of the Hospitallers.

* Turkish Bath-Take a walk through Ottoman Acre's history inside the beautiful Turkish hamam.

* Templar Tunnel-Walk through the recently discovered underground tunnel built by the Templar Crusaders.

* Al Jazaar Mosque-One of the few Israeli mosques open to the public. Learn why this beautiful mosque is so unique.

* City Ramparts-Napoleon tried to capture this city in 1799 but failed to break through the walls. We however can walk on them.

* Old City-Wander the streets, see the markets, visit the Ramhal synagogue and St. John's Church. See the old khans and more.

* Tunisian Synagogue-Just outside old Acre this very special synagogue has a unique way of displaying Jewish history.




Haifa Area Sites

* Atlit Detention Center-See the camp where the British detained the illegal Jewish immigrants after WWII.

* Nahal HaMearot Nature Reserve-A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the caves were home to our prehistoric ancestors.

* Hai Bar Carmel Nature Reserve-Learn about the endangered and extinct (in lsrael) breeding center for reintroduction to nature.


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