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The Big Five - day trips in Israel

Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Dead Sea and Masada
Western Wall, Jerusalem
Tel Aviv, Israel
Jerusalem, The Heart and Soul of Israel

Come see the many sites and experience the many cultures this city has to offer, be it important religious sites such as the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher or archeological/historical like the City of David, Western Wall Tunnels, the Davidson Center and more. Visit the four quarters of Jerusalem’s old city and the bustling streets of the new city. There's no shortage of museums, markets or great restaurants either.


Tel Aviv, The Financial and Cultural Capital of Israel

Tel Aviv, the first modern Hebrew city has a lot to offer its visitors. It has one of the most beautiful inner city beaches in the world, great nightlife and restaurants. It also features interesting sites to see and museums to explore. There's Rothschild Boulevard, Neve Tzedek, the Carmel Market, Sarona, the Port, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Palmach and Lehi museums just to name a few of the places worth visiting.

Baha'i Gardens, Haifa
Haifa, Where Everyone Gets Along

Haifa, Israel's northern port is home to the Baha'i faith's headquarters. Tour the beautiful Baha'i gardens, the restored German colony and visit the Stella Maris Church on the Carmel Mountain Range where the city climbs up from the sea. Haifa is also a great base for touring the north.

Dead Sea, Israel
Masada, Israel
The Dead Sea, Even If You Can't Swim You Won't Sink!

Come to the lowest point on earth - the Dead Sea. You can either do it the fancy way by visiting one of the spas in the Ein Gedi area or just go to one of the beaches. There is such a high salt content that nothing can live in the water - hence the name. And because of the salt you will float! The Dead Sea area has many attractions such as the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, Mount Sdom and Arad. 

Masada, Herod's Desert Fortress

Leave the city and come to the wilderness. Hear the story of the Jews' last stand against the Romans at the place where it happened. Visit nearby Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and learn about the Jewish sect that wrote and hid them.

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