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Let me bring you to the Negev, you won't believe what there is to see in a desert. There's also plenty to do in Eilat, the city on the edge of the desert and the Red Sea. Below are five suggested tours.

Northern Negev

* Tel Arad-See one of the earliest settlements on record on the lower section and an Israelite fortress above.

* Tel Be'er Sheva-See how this ancient town, where Abraham ventured, was planned and how water was stored.

Central Negev 1

* Machtesh Ramon-First go through the visitor center to understand how this "crater" is formed then travel down into it.


Central Negev 2

* Avdat-A fantastic archeological site where the ancient Nabateans lived. Learn about the spice trade they operated.

* Sde Boker-Ben Gurion's kibbutz, learn about his legacy, see his modest home and visit his grave overlooking the Valley of Zin.

Western Negev

* The Salad Trail-Go through the green houses and see how vegetables are grown in the desert.

* Yad Mordechai-This kibbutz on the border with Gaza has an important story to tell about the War of Independence.

Eilat Area

* Hai Bar-A nature reserve for endangered animals mentioned in the Bible. The reserve prepares them for release into the wild.

* Timna Park-See how the ancients mined copper, see the Egyptian graffiti and the amazing rock formations including Solomon's Pillars.

* Uvda Valley-If you don't look carefully you'll miss it - prehistoric worship site and remains of a village.

* Eilat-There are numerous attractions in Eilat. One not to be missed is the underwater observatory, another is the Dolphin Reef.

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