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Eilat Travel Tips from Your Israel Tour Guide

Many people who travel to Israel never make it to Eilat on the country’s Southern tip. That’s a pity because from an Israel tour guide perspective there is so much to see and do that you might forget to relax on the beach for a bit. And there are many wonderful places to see and activities to do on the way south to and from the center of the country. First though, a little history. The area of Eilat was determined to be in the Jewish state by the 1947 UN Partition Plan. Israel only established its presence there in March 1949 by way of the Ovda Campaign, the final campaign of the War of Independence. The area was known as Umm al Rashrash, which at the time only had an abandoned British Manda

Belvoir-Crusader Fortress in the Sky

Belvoir Castle was a Crusader Fortress built to protect the road to Tiberias and as a lookout point over the Jordan Valley. Most people pass it without even realizing it is there. However, if you’re looking something a bit off the beaten track, it is well worth a visit. The fortress is inside the Kokav HaYarden National Park. There is a trail which can be taken where one can see a sculpture park, interesting flora and fauna and go to a lookout point. The centerpiece of the park however, is the fortress archeological site. The park and the fortress are located some 20-km. south of the Sea of Galilee and about 500 meters above the Jordan Valley. It overlooks the winding Jordan River below and

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