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Nothing to do with King David

The Tower of David (also known as the Jerusalem Citadel) at Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate has nothing to do with King David. The name of the area was given to the site by the Byzantines who, as successors to the Romans, ruled the land of Israel until the Muslim invasion in 638 CE. The Byzantines erroneously thought the site is where King David built his palace. They got the name "Tower of David" from the Song of Songs, written by King Solomon, David’s son, who wrote: "Thy neck is like the Tower of David built with turrets, whereon there hang a thousand shields, all the armor of the mighty men." The name has stuck ever since. What we see today is a Mameluke structure built in the 13th century and e

Akko, so much history and so much to see

The Old City of Akko (Acre), just north of Haifa, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is steeped in history of all kinds. The city is surrounded by walls from the Ottoman times, just like Jerusalem. However, just below the surface is a Crusader city, almost fully intact from the 12th and 13th centuries. In fact, Akko was the Crusader capital of the Kingdom of Jerusalem (yes, I know that makes no sense) until they were kicked out of the Holy Land in 1291. Besides visiting the Crusader era sites such as the Hospitaller Fortress and the Templar Tunnel there are other very interesting places to explore and stories to hear. Did you know that in 1799 Napoleon attacked the city and lost? The

And before there was Tel Aviv there was .........Neve Tzedek!

If Tel Aviv was considered to be established in 1909 and Neve Tzedek was established 22 years earlier in 1887, why isn’t Neve Tzedek considered the first neighborhood in Tel Aviv? Well the short answer is that the neighborhood was founded by Jaffa Jewish families who wanted to move beyond the crowded walls of Jaffa. They weren’t looking to establish an entire new city. How did the neighborhood eventually become part of Tel Aviv? For that detailed answer you’ll just have to take a tour with me to the area. Neve Tzedek means “Abode of Justice” and is also one of the names of G-d. The residents constructed their new neighborhood with low-rise buildings along narrow streets. These homes frequent

בקרוב יהיו כאן פוסטים ששווה לחכות להם!
שווה להמשיך ולעקוב...
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