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Temple Mount Part 5 – The Mount as we know it today.

This is the last in my series on Temple Mount. We last left the story of the mountain in the year 705 CE with the construction of Al Aqsa Mosque. The Dome of the Rock was built 15 years previously. While the city of Jerusalem now became a Muslim majority city, Christians and Jews continued to reside there under Muslim rule. The Temple Mount now became an exclusively Muslim site. While the Jews did not ascend the Mount for fear of treading on the spot where the Holy of Holies stood during Second Temple times, Christians had little interest in the place. However, that all changed in 1099 when the Crusaders invaded the Holy land. In 1095 Pope Urban II called for a military campaign to retriev

בקרוב יהיו כאן פוסטים ששווה לחכות להם!
שווה להמשיך ולעקוב...
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