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So Here's What Some of My Clients Have to Say About My Tours....

Judy from London, UK ( a repeat customer) :

Having lived in Israel for a number of years and never actually explored the country, I decided that the time had come to be a tourist again and see much of Israel's hidden gems. Thank G'd for Avi Puritz! such a pleasure to have a kind, considerate and knowledgeable guide. Nothing was too much trouble and he made each outing a completely different experience, one that was extremely enjoyable. For sure Avi is a regular part of my itinerary now. Highly recommended.

Janet from Philadelphia Pa, USA

Thanks to Avi our time in Jerusalem was unbelievable. best tour guide ever.

Susan from Ra'anana, Israel:

We had an absolutely fascinating day with Avi. He knew exactly what and how much information to tell us. We came home having learnt lots but did not feel overwhelmed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Avi and am looking forward to the next time I have the opportunity of going out on a trip with him.

Rona and Barry from Ft. Meyers Fla. USA

Thanks to Avi Puritz. We could not have had a better guide to show us around and fine tune an educational program for us. All done with great competence, respect for our time, with contingencies for unexpected issues that could occur and with humor. And for again making us feel at home.

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