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Meet Elliot Jager - an expert on Israeli affairs

Enhance and deepen your understanding of Israel, go beyond the 24/7 news cycle.

Elliot Jager is a Jerusalem-based journalist, former NYU political science lecturer and a senior editor at The Jerusalem Report. He is a former editorial page editor at The Jerusalem Post and was founding managing editor of Jewish Ideas Daily (Mosaic). His 2017 book, The Balfour Declaration Sixty-Seven Words – 100 Years of Conflict told the story of what is, arguably, the most crucial political letter of the 20th century and why it still matters.

Elliot will customize his briefings to suit your interests and schedule. He can meet you over breakfast before you start your day of touring, when you break for lunch, or when you are back at your hotel.

You can contact Mr. Jager by sending me an e-mail.

NIS 1,200

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