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I was in Tel Aviv for the first time on business and. Avi picked me up in the early afternoon from our office for a half day trip to Jerusalem. Honestly, the tour was a highlight not only of my time in Israel but one of if not the best tours I have ever had, period. Avi is patient yet we covered just about all the sites and information I had expected as well as a few places only he would have known about in an amount of time that was brief enough but comfortable. Avi drove me there and back and the entire time I felt as if I was with a long time friend. Thanks Avi!

John, California USA

December 2019

Avi was recommended to me by a friend who had toured with him last year. We were not disappointed. He is very knowledgeable, easy going, friendly and has endless enthusiasm and energy. We really enjoyed our one day tour of Jerusalem, it was without doubt the highlight of our trip. He also got along well with our teenagers, he was able to engage with them and bring all the history alive and make it relevant to them. We couldn't have asked for a better guide.

Julie, London UK

October 2019

My adult daughter and I toured with Avi in October. It was a full day tour along the Coast all the way to Rosh Hanikra near the border with Lebanon. The sights were amazing! Avi is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, informative, presents details in an interesting way and was very much in tune to what we wanted to see and do and made sure we saw everything we wanted to! Time was never an issue for him - we toured from early in the morning until dark! He was relaxing and fun to be with and also provided insights into life in Israel, in general. We highly recommend Avi and would reach out to him again if we are fortunate to return to Israel.

Susan, Florida USA

October 2019

My wife and I went with friends from Ottawa Canada..we live in Williamsville /Buffalo NY.
This was our first trip to Israel. went mid to late October 2019 Of the of the very knowledgeable guides actually recommended very highly Avi for a private tour to specific location attractions such as Tel Gezer Tomb of Dan and driving by Tel Bet Shemesh...Tel Khirbet Qeitfaya...and Tel Lachish and eating at a kosher McDonald's first time in our lives. we were sooo happy Avi was our guide. . Walking to one of the Tels was a long walk and talking and his knowledge about the attractions...our families...and things in general was just such an enjoyable time. Avi is very friendly fun to talk to...knows his stuff...patient. We learned so much about things in Israel and places we went by on our tour. Yes...OUR RECOMMENDATION of Avi Puritz is tops.

Ed, Buffalo NY, USA

October 2019

Avi is a great guide, easy going, relaxed, and with great experience. He collected us in the morning and returned us to our place in Raanana in the early evening.

We visited Tzefat with Avi and saw it from a whole new historical and modern perspective; mystical ancient synagogues, cobbled streets and alleys, quality artists galleries and workshops, rooftop mountain views - and a gluten free vegan restaurant for lunch which suited our diets. In the afternoon he took us to the Kinneret and we visited 2 ancient synagogues, one 4th century CE (Capernaum) and one 1st century CE recently discovered and its surrounding town. Amazing views over the Kinneret. Then a visit to Nof Ginosar on the lake and the Yigal Allon museum.

A great day with extensive historical and modern perspectives - all done in a relaxed pace and in an engaging friendly way. We will be back for more tours. Thanks Avi.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Rodger, England

October 2019

Avi picked us up at the cruise port in Ashdod, and as we drove to Jerusalem, he talked to us carefully to figure out what we should see, given our interests. He hit the nail right on the head! We went to the Mount of Olives and spent the rest of the day in the old city. Avi was very knowledgeable about all of the sights and made it much more interesting than it otherwise would have been. He also didn't stick to a timetable; he kept going until he could see that we were tiring, and then drove us back to the port. In additional to being very knowledgeable, he is a very, very nice guy, and I can recommend him wholeheartedly.

Joanne, USA

September, 2019

We had a fabulous day touring the old city of Yerushalayim with Avi Puritz.  He was very engaging and full of energy. We were impressed with how knowledgeable he is but still personable and funny. The kids were happy too. Highly recommend!

Eteh, New Jersey, USA

August 2019

My family ranging in age from 80's to 9 years spent 2 days with Avi. On the first day he showed us around Jaffa and some of the neighborhoods around the area as well. He is extremely knowledgeable about all the questions we peppered him with, has a very friendly and open/warm personality, and clearly enjoyed taking us around, and taking his time showing us things. His historical knowledge is great and he shared all sorts of interesting facts with us. We were the ones that got tired out and ended even though he was still willing to show us more. We had an excellent time and I'd highly recommend.

Denise, San Francisco USA

June 2019

My family and I spent two (full!) days touring Israel with Avi. The first day we toured Tel Aviv and Jaffa and the second we toured Jerusalem. Both tours were amazing! Avi is so knowledgeable and answered every single one of our questions without hesitation. He not only showed us all the important sights, but truly dug into the history of each location, giving us fascinating details about everything from relevant Greek Mythology to where one can find the best souvenirs. Despite his extreme breadth of knowledge, which might have proven to be an obstacle for a more inexperienced tour guide, Avi managed to explain everything clearly and concisely and with a dose of humor. We found ourselves missing his warm presence while touring other locations around Israel. Overall, we had a great experience and would certainly recommend Avi as a tour guide!

Rhonda, Massachusetts USA

June, 2019

Avi is an amazing guide and an amazing person. He was the best guide with whom to be able to truly experience the magic and uniqueness of Jerusalem, with all its rich history that Avi engagingly and vividly brings to life in technicolor. I was able to see both the "highlights" of the Old City as well as some less popular hidden gems thanks to Avi's detailed knowledge of the Old City as well as advance planning in order to make the most of our limited time there. He really went the extra mile to accommodate me and my frequent photography interruptions and I can't recommend him highly enough for those who really want to get the most out of their travel experience in Israel. Thank you, Avi!

Swetha, London, UK

June 2019

My trip to Israel was fantastic! I think that Avi made it so! Great guide and an overall really good person. He is very knowledgeable and listens to what his clients want and really goes out of his way to accommodate! I would highly recommend him! Thanks Avi.

Arnie, Florida, USA

May 2019

Avi is an absolute 10 out of 10! With only 36 hours of free time available, he moved us through the fascinating city of Jerusalem including Bethlehem. From the moment we met at the Jaffa Gate to our departure from Mary’s Church of the Visitation’, we were intrigued by the reality of seeing these historical sites. The tour was tailored to include a Christian point of view and we were not disappointed. All of our many expectations were met and exceeded by your vast knowledge of Biblical history shared in such a timely and efficient manner. We highly recommend your service as a Viator Tour guide to any and all visitors to the Holy Land.

Tom Fergus, New York USA

January 2019

Avi picked us up from the airport and we proceeded from there! A full day later, breakfast lunch and gelato we ended. Avi is a wealth of information regarding Jerusalem! Not only did we get all our questions answered, he supplied such great information about all the sites! He offered these up in a fun informative fashion! Great tour! Would highly recommend!

Kim and Ron, Chicago USA

January 2019

We had a wonderful time with Avi! It was our first time in Israel and we really needed a private in depth tour of Jerusalem. Avi is SO knowledgable and was able to customize the trip for us and take us to all of the sites we wanted to see. He had a ton of great recommendations, took us to yummy food places, the market and the four quarters in the old town. Overall we couldn't have picked a better guide! Thank you Avi for a great time in Jerusalem!

Nour and Tammer, Massachusetts USA

August, 2018

Avi is a wandering encyclopedia. His deep knowledge and expertise of the region is second to none. Visiting the area with Avi was a great experience. He tailored the trip to our wishes and made sure that we not only saw as much as possible, but we also came away with an indepth understanding. Avi is very trustworthy and we felt comfortable at all times in his company. We would recommend Avi to anyone who is looking for a guide in Israel.

Linda and Nick, Hamburg Germany

November 2018

Me my grandma and my mother absolutely loved time in Israel with Avi. Like I went through reviews, we also booked him twice after our first guided tour, and we definitely would have booked him even for more if he was available. Highly recommended! - Very knowledgeable, flexible and beautiful human being. Every time after long tour days, I was so grateful for opportunity to see Israel with Avi - we felt very secure, comfortable, heard and contented. Thank you again for indelible moments, which we're still sharing with very big smiles. Wish you all best!

Gidre, Norway

November 2018

We absolutely loved our two tours with Avi so much so that we booked him for an extra day! He is incredibly knowledgeable about history, politics, geography (everything!!) and was able to adapt the sightseeing to what we were interested in. He kept our kids interested for 3 days which is impressive. Most of all he is a lovely, kind and thoughtful person. And full of energy and great humour! Would highly recommend.

Christine and Family, London

October 2018

Three of us went on a tour to Masada and related locations with Avi a couple weeks ago. He was very knowledgeable, accommodating, friendly, and helpful. He have a variety of suggestions on how to maximize our time and we got in more than we expected. We used three guides in Israel and he was the best of the three, mainly because he made us the most comfortable. As a New Jersey native, he spoke perfect English.

Mike, Cynthia & John, Texas and Colorado

August 2018

My boyfriend and I highly recommend hiring Avi to enhance your visit to Israel! We had both been to Israel before, and were looking to spend a day in Jerusalem. Avi kindly helped us create our itinerary. He listened to what each of us had seen before, and suggested visiting the City of David, which neither of us had previously experienced. We absolutely loved this site, and would not have seen it without Avi's recommendation! Avi is a pleasure to spend the day with. He was very considerate to our needs (planned to get me the best falafel in all of Jerusalem as he knew it was important to me!), is funny, and a great conversationalist. He is extremely educated about all of the sites in the old city, and greatly enhanced our prior knowledge about Jerusalem. We HIGHLY recommend hiring Avi for all any and all Israel trips!

Sara & Eric, Manhattan, NYC

August 2018

My wife and I were looking for a tour guide that would pick us up in Jerusalem and be willing to take us on a tour of Northern Israel for 1 day. This is ambitious to begin with as it's at least a 3 hour car drive in each direction. 

Most of the highly rated tour guides we came across that had high TripAdvisor ratings were far more expensive and out of our budget. Avi was recommended to us by a relative of someone we knew. We began corresponding with him to set up an itinerary and his responses were always very fast and helpful.

One of the things that we really liked about Avi was that from the beginning he tailors a tour to fit his customer's desires. So with his help, we devised a one day trip that was to consist of:
-Picking us up at our Jerusalem hotel. (He was prompt and had a nice comfortable van).
-Driving to Northern Israel. ( I thought this would be really boring but found it very interesting. The scenery is beautiful and Avi answered questions the entire way which really added a lot to our entire Israel experience).
-Touring Safed (We walked the old streets, saw 2 synagogues and some really great art. Wish we would have had more time here.)
- Lunch at the Adir winery and fresh foods from their goat herd (My favorite was the variety of cheeses).
- Toured the ancient village of Katzrin and the old synagogue found there.
- He threw in a bonus visit to an Olive Oil factory where they explained the process and we got to sample a variety of olive oils.
- The drive back to our Jerusalem hotel (again, another 3 hours of learning about Israel. Absolutely fascinating).

Oh, and at one point I had a little indigestion and he found me some Tums in a supermarket! :)

Avi is very caring, very professional and very knoweledgeable. I highly recommend him for touring anywhere in Israel!

Ellen & Frank, USA

July 2018

It is hard to put into words how grateful and lucky we are to have found Avi who came highly recommended through a friend. Our family of 5 - my husband and I, our son, daughter in law and grandson and because it was (for some of us) our first time in the holy land it was important for us to have someone that can guide us through and explain the historical significance of the different sights. Avi came through with the explanation, depth and great stories that were well appreciated as we went through the Old City of Jerusalem, the Western Wall, Masada, the Dead Sea, Akko and many other sights. We definitely felt his absence and hoped he came with us to Caesarea (those info plaques are informative but definitely were not the same as having him there).


Avi gave us a special and memorable time. He made this trip of a lifetime truly an experience that forever will be remembered. His knowledge and adaptable personality to any situation makes him a great tour guide as he was able to mold and become a part of the family. Thank you Avi for a great time. Keep up the good work.


(...and by the way, don't let fear be your guide. Israel is a beautiful country filled with history, great people, and amazing food that you will not experience in any other place in the world. We were concerned before going on our trip (and we were born there) because of all the bad news we heard. Israel was nothing but fun - we weren't concerned about our safety at all while we were there. So go and enjoy you won't regret it).

Hammer Family, Florida USA & Toronto Canada

June 2018

Avi is a very special, thoughtful and caring personal guide. The enthusiasm and passion his has for his home land shines through each historical insight and story he tells (Avi refers to these moments as "blah, blah, blah" moments but they're nothing of the sort). 

Avi has a rare skill; that of noticing the interest of his audience. Once he observes that might be interested in a particular location or site, he will offer as much detail on the subject as necessary. Avi doesn't simply talk for the sake of hearing his own voice, instead he shares historically accurate information and carefully offers his opinion when welcome. This is an important attribute of a top tier tour guide. 

Avi is also very flexible and a great judge of personalty type and client interest. He has an uncanny ability to read our thoughts and respond accordingly. He'd often say "maybe we can stop into this cafe for a coffee break" when he noticed we were getting tired, or "perhaps an ice cream would be good" when the recent heat wave began to take its toll. What I'm trying to say is Avi is constantly thinking about the needs and desires of those he's guiding. 

Avi's attitude, sense of humor and overall sense of being is just fun to be around. He had us laughing and simply enjoying our time together.

I recommend Avi with my complete confidence to friends, family.

Most sincerely,

Anthony J. Carro - Sojourn Italy

Anthony, Andrew and Tony - NY & NJ, USA

May 2018

Avi was the best tour guide my friends, husband and I had during our entire time in the Middle East. He met us in Jerusalem and showed us a number of sights throughout the day, reaching out ahead of time to figure out an itinerary that would suit our needs.

He even agreed to take us to Temple Mount, which was a life-changing experience for our group. He was able to point out things which to us would've just looked like random stone doors, walls, or piles of rubble -- but which really have deep and incredibly important history. Any time anyone from our group had a question, he was able to give an enormously thorough answer, and he was also happy to answer our numerous questions about Jewish culture in Israel (since none of us are practicing), which we found really fascinating! And he did it all with a great sense of humor :)

My husband and I came into Jerusalem passively curious about the history, and left that day feeling like it was easily our favorite day of the entire trip. I'd absolutely recommend Avi to anyone looking to take a day tour.

Katie and Friends, USA

April 2018

My husband and I along with 2 childhood friends went to Israel in November 2017. We spent 10 months researching and planning our 2 week trip. 


In an effort to incorporate everyone’s desire to see specific sights, we went to various parts of Israel and even spent some time in Jordan. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and had a great time. However, the highlight of the trip by far was Avi and his tour through the Old City and the surrounding area including The City of David. His lighthearted and yet deep insight into history and culture of Israel and Jerusalem heightened our experience to a level we did not expect.


When we left, we all felt we had not just visited an historical area but engaged on a deeper level in the culture.

Rikky and Friends, April 2018


I was extremely fortunate to book Avi on just a few days notice for tours of Biblical sites in Jerusalem and Galilee. I had a laundry list of places that I wanted to visit and Avi was able to organize them into 2 full days while providing different options as each day progressed. Avi is a wealth of knowledge, has great energy and a terrific personality that just keeps you engaged as you move from site to site. Our conversations clearly focused on the historical sites we visited, but as we traveled throughout Israel, I also learned a tremendous amount about modern Israeli and Jewish history. It was simply a terrific 2 days.

Nelson, March 2018

Philidelphia, USA

The two of us spent an entire day with Avi exploring some of the sights in Israel, including Ramat Hanadiv, the Tishbi Winery, the First Aliyah Museum, and the synagogue in Zichron Ya'akov. Avi possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding the history and geography of Israel, and he shares all this information in a passionate and dynamic manner. We could listen to his fascinating explanations all day! He is friendly, personable, and smart, and our day of touring with him was one of the best parts of our trip to Israel. Avi is a tour guide of the highest caliber, and we would recommend him to both first-time visitors to Israel and seasoned travelers. He is truly a gem!

Caryn and Marshall, January 2018

New Jersey, USA

We were very lucky to have found Avi and would highly recommend as unlike big group tours he tailored it to our request. We changed the itinerary at the last minute which was not a problem. Avi was happy to collect us from our apartment and dropped us back off at the end of the day.The whole day was hassle free and extremely interesting and Avi was very knowledgeable and was able to answer our questions. This tour was very good value for money if you take into account the one to one and door to door service. Avi is also a really lovely man!

Sharon, Gary and Sophie, December 2017

Manchester, England

We did two 6-hours walking tours with Avi through the old town of Jerusalem, along the ramparts and to the City of David. It was a wonderful experience for both adults and children (10-12 years). Avi has a great skill in explaining the significance of various places with relevant information and insightful stories. He also displayed good judgment in adapting to the needs of the group.

Ralph & Co, October 2017

London, England

We did a tour with Avi and went to Safed (Tzfat) and Beit She'an. Due to the distance, a time challenging tour. He picked us up from our hotel and off we went to Safed. On the way, he told us about the history of Israel and what to expect in Safed. It is so interesting to have a guide like Avi who gives you so much detailed information. If it wasn't for him, we would have overlooked so many things. Avi not only has great knowledge, but also made sure to have a break to "take it all in". After Safed, we went to Beit She'an. Again, on the way there he explained a lot about this wonderful archeological site. Avi explained everything and gave so much information, we were in awe of all the things Avi could tell us. He is a wonderful tour guide with excellent knowledge and he has great humour as well. He is open minded and easy going. Also, he keeps an eye on time to make sure we could see it all. We had a wonderful day with Avi and I can only recommend him if you need a guide in Israel. We hope to have him again when we come back to Israel. Thanks again for an unforgettable day!

Rudi and Folker, October 2017

Berlin, Germany

We want to thank you for the pictures, a reminder of the wonderful time we had in Israel, a large part because of you!

Anne and Alan, September 2017

New York State, USA

We have been planning this trip for years.  We were very excited to finally have the chance to go. Avi made the entire planning of the trip a pleasure.  He helped guide us with the planning and itinerary based on our needs and kids needs.  We wanted to make it very kid friendly so the kids would be interested as well.  Avi was able to get all of the kids interested in the tour and made it really exciting to meet everyday for another adventure.


I recommend traveling with Avi anytime you are visiting Israel.


We had a great time! He made it very special.

Mike Huber, July 2017

New Jersey, USA

Went to Israel with my mum and my best friend this summer and it was simply wonderful mainly due to our tour guide Avi. We visited Masada, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, to name a few. Avi was a fountain of knowledge on all the places and kept things so interesting. He was always mindful of being in the sun too long up on Masada so made sure if he was going to give some history we were comfortable and in the shade (it's the little things sometimes!) We're not a very religious group so he tailored our Jerusalem experience to be more architecturally focused while still showing us all the top places and giving us great insight into the workings of such a spectacular, rich city. He timed everything really well and we never felt things were going too slowly or that we were being rushed. He drove us to all the places so we had a real comfortable experience and didn't have to bother with hot buses or expensive taxis. He also knew lots of secret places to get amazing photos and great places to eat off the beaten track. He was charming and funny and I'm already looking forward to my next visit!

Catherine Fletcher, June 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland

Where do I start? Masada....The Dead Sea.....Jerusalem....Jaffa and lots in between!
Avi really knows his history and brought Masada to life. What an amazing place to visit! Avi timed our visit perfectly so that we had sufficient time to enjoy the delights of a dip in the the Dead Sea. 
The next day started with a walk along the ramparts - a great introduction to the Old City of Jerusalem and the different quarters. Avi was able to judge what might interest his group (a mix of old and young in our case) and was flexible and accommodating at all times. He knew places to eat with great views, food and atmosphere. I am already planning our next trip and only hope Avi will be available. So much to see and do !What's this item about? 

Karen, June 2017

Bridge of Allan, Scotland

Our day with Avi went beyond our expectations. Avi’s commentary was fascinating and his energy never wavered. He tailored the day around our needs. We also enjoyed discussing life in Israel with him. Thanks, Avi for giving us a day we will never forget. Shalom and Aloha.

Rob Kvidt and Jeff Tucker, May 2017

Hawaii, USA

We spent 7 days touring Israel with Avi ,with another couple who are also "mixed " religions. After a few emails ,making sure he follows our preferences ,he gave us an itinerary.We visited different sites ,Christian and Jewish ,and  Avi amazed us with his knowledge of history, religion and respect for various points of view .He welcomed us every day with a smile ,then took us on a time travel ,guiding us through archeological excavations, tunnels, citadels , churches and synagogues. We spent 3 days in Jerusalem, then Qumran, Masada and the Dead Sea. We also stayed 2 nights on the Sea of Galilee, touring historical sites and the Golan Heights, lovely lunch at a winery. Avi has become like an old friend ,always pleasant, accommodating ,happily sharing with us the beauty of this land.  

One last day in Tel Aviv ,changing our first impression , he showed us how the city was built starting in Neveh Tzadek, and later how a nation was born in the Independence Hall on Rothschild blvd. We ended the tour in the beautiful Sarona neighborhood. He even helped us return the rented car and dropped us off at the airport. He did above and beyond what a tour guide would do and we  warmly recommend him for anybody interested in visiting Israel!

Aniela, May 2017

New York, USA

“We spent a week with Avi traveling throughout Israel on our first trip there, visiting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Masada and the Dead Sea, the Golan Heights, Tzfat and much more.  Avi was amazing – the perfect tour guide and traveling companion - warm, knowledgeable and tireless.  It was like touring the country with your best friend.  We’ve already recommended Avi to some of our friends who are thinking about traveling to Israel.”

Barbara and Alan, April 2017

Ohio, USA

I spent a fascinating day in Tel Aviv with Avi. Having not visited the city in 15 years, he created a personalized itinerary to show me a side of Tel Aviv I had never seen: the cultural center, historical WIZO mural, Sarona Market and a wonderful morning at the Tel Aviv Museum. His knowledge of Israel is deep, and he added a fresh perspective to everything we saw. A pleasure to spend time with someone so personable and knowledgeable! If you're visiting Israel, you must see Israel with Avi.

Sabra, March 2017


Me and my girlfriend did a day trip in Jerusalem Old City with Avi and it was an excellent experience. Avi is super nice, funny and knowledgeable guide. I grew up in Israel and my girlfriend is from US and we both learned a lot and had a lot of fun during this day and I very recommend Avi as a guide in Israel.

Alon and Jessica, March 2017


Avi was our best find in Israel. We spent 31/2 wonderful days with him.  We told him points of interest that we wanted to see and he arranged great tours for us. It was like being with an old friend.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Heidi & Geoff, January 2017


I had a wonderful time with Avi. He took us around Tel Aviv , a city I have been to multiple times and showed us around some wonderful places that I had never even heard of. Avi showed us Tel Aviv from a few different angles; different culturally and physically. I would highly recommend him to anyone and look forward to future tours with him in the future.  

Josh, December 2016


Avi is a star !  He went to great lengths to make our three day tours interesting and informative.  Especially appreciated was his arranging the army VIP reception at the Latrun Tank Museum.  I can strongly recommend him.

Stephen, Michelle and Zack, October 2016

London, England

We all really enjoyed our very diverse tours which gave us a good overview of this amazing country. You were extremely informative, interesting, knowledgable and made some very complex historical - and current - facts plus political and social situations a lot easier to understand. Walking on some 2000-yr old cobblestones was just mind-blowing!


It was a pleasure to meet you  and thank you again for a fascinating three days. 

Sandra & Allison, Mel and Harriet, September 2016

Los Angeles California, London England

Avi was amazing. We would have missed so much without him. He's knowledgeable, funny and has a passion for history. A thousand "thank you's", Avi. You made our Jerusalem visit unforgettable.

Keith, July 2016

Utah, USA

Thanks to Avi Puritz! We enjoyed our time in Israel and found Avi to be quite informative and helpful.

Richard, July 2016

Atlanta, Georgia USA

We had an absolutely fascinating day with Avi. He knew exactly what and how much information to tell us. We came home having learnt lots but did not feel overwhelmed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Avi and am looking forward to the next time I have the opportunity of going out on a trip with him.


Ra'anana, Israel

Thanks to Avi Puritz. We could not have had a better guide to show us around and fine tune an educational program for us. All done with great competence, respect for our time, with contingencies for unexpected issues that could occur and with humor. And for again making us feel at home.

Rona and Barry

Ft Meyers FL, USA

Having lived in Israel for a number of years and never actually explored the country, I decided that the time had come to be a tourist again and see much of Israel's hidden gems. Thank G'd for Avi Puritz! such a pleasure to have a kind, considerate and knowledgeable guide. Nothing was too much trouble and he made each outing a completely enjoyable trip.


London, UK

Thanks to Avi our tour in Jerusalem was unbelievable. Best tour guide ever! 


Philadelphia PA, USA

Phenomenal Tour Guide! I've been to Israel many times before but somehow Avi managed to show me places I didn't even know existed.


Cleveland OH, USA

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